Breaded Chicken and Rice with Tomato and Wine Sauce

This is one of my favorite meals. I found this recipe several years ago and have changed it over the years. Originally it called for the chicken breasts to be stuffed and then breaded, but it was too messy and the stuffing always fell out. Now I just bread the chicken and make the rice stuffing on the side.

Ingredients for chicken:

Boneless chicken breasts – one for each person

Flour for dredging

1 to 2 eggs (depending on how many breasts you are making)

Panko bread crumbs

3 cloves garlic – minced

2 pats of butter

1 (28oz can) petite diced tomatoes

½ cup white wine

1 tbsp oregano

Ingredients for rice:

2 cups of white rice

1 (10oz) package of chopped frozen spinach

1 cup petite diced tomatoes, drained

1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

¼ to ½ cup of liquid from chicken pan


Melt butter and saute garlic in skillet. Swirl around to cover bottom of pan

In the meantime, pour flour, beaten eggs and bread crumbs in separate bowls

Dredge chicken in flour

Then coat evenly with egg mixture

And roll in bread crumbs

Place chicken in warm skillet.

Brown chicken – about 5 minutes each side

Pour in diced tomatoes, wine and oregano over chicken.

This is where the panko bread crumbs do well. I have used regular bread crumbs in the past and after cooking in the liquid, the breading comes off when you move the chicken. Reduce heat and cover. Cook for 20 more minutes (depending on thickness of breast) or until you have an internal temperature of 170 degrees.

While chicken is cooking, prepare rice per directions and set aside in large bowl. Cook spinach per package, drain and add to bowl with rice.

Pour in diced tomatoes and mix well.

With a large spoon, collect ¼ to ½ cup of liquid from the cooking chicken and tomatoes. Mix into rice. Add shredded cheese rice before serving and mix well.



2 comments on “Breaded Chicken and Rice with Tomato and Wine Sauce

  1. This looks delish! And maybe even easy enough for me to try!

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