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Red, White and Blue Dessert

We had some friends over on Saturday night to celebrate Memorial Day weekend. My middle daughter, who is the baker at our house, made the dessert. Another friend makes a similar dessert she calls The Chocolate Dream with chocolate cake and pudding. This spin-off version is very patriotic with the red, white and blue.  This is easy to make, tastes great and looks beautiful. (The fruit makes you believe it is good for you, too!)


1 box white cake mix (and ingredients from box)

2 tubs of Cool Whip (8oz)

Red and blue food coloring

Blueberries and strawberries for topping

Special tool: Trifle Bowl


Make cake batter per directions on box.

Pour even amount of batter in two bowls.

Add red food coloring to one bowl (we used 100 drops to get it really red) and add blue food coloring (we used 75 drops) to other bowl.  Mix well.

Pour into greased 8” cake pans and cook per directions on box.

When cake is done, let it cool completely.

Break cake into chunks.

In trifle bowl (or clear serving bowl), layer half of red cake.

Sorry she caught me in the photo!

Top with 2/3 of tub of Cool Whip.

Layer blue cake – using all of it.

Top again with more Cool Whip.

Layer again with the other half of red cake and then top with remaining Cool Whip.

I originally thought we would make a nice design with the fruit but my daughter had a better idea.

Create the American Flag on the top of Cool Whip with blueberries and strawberries.

Everyone loved it and there were no leftovers. Looks like we will make it again for the 4th of July!


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