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Crockpot Chili

When I was a kid, we had chili out of a can. As a mom, I have to admit that serving canned chili over noodles is a quick dinner. However, it doesn’t look very appetizing and I am sure it is full of sodium and other junk. What is the mystery meat they use in […]

Stuffed Mini Peppers

The other night we had a rare night off from softball. It was 4:00 and no one had any other activities that day. My husband was planning on making dinner that night, but it would not be ready until 7:00. Having to wait three more hours made me wish I had stopped for lunch earlier […]

Crisp Salad with Romaine, Apples, Red Onion, Blue Cheese and Walnuts

We normally keep romaine lettuce in the house for a quick salad. Our go-to salad is Caesar, as it requires few ingredients and little work. We are not big fans of a garden salad. It reminds me of the Pizza Hut salad bar. While shopping for our usual staples in the produce department, I realized […]

Easy Summer Pasta Salad


Hummus with a Kick!

I love hummus. When I don’t have time for a real lunch, hummus is a great snack. It fills you up enough to last until you can have a real meal. Although hummus is great with crackers, I feel a lot less guilty dipping veggies instead. I normally eat store bought hummus, but this time […]

Crispy Smashed Potatoes

I love Pinterest. I can spend hours (and sometimes I do) looking at new recipes. I usually scroll through the Food and Drink posts, but other times I look up something specifically. Here is a great potato recipe I found from Tasty Kitchen. I decided to try it one night when my husband was grilling […]