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Stuffed Mini Peppers

The other night we had a rare night off from softball. It was 4:00 and no one had any other activities that day. My husband was planning on making dinner that night, but it would not be ready until 7:00. Having to wait three more hours made me wish I had stopped for lunch earlier in the day. My choice was to either come up with an appetizer or rip open a bag of Cheetos that had been callling my name from the pantry.

While wandering the grocery store a few days before, I had a taste for the stuffed peppers I have made in the past. I bought a bag of mini peppers along with a small log of goat cheese. I knew I would find a night just like this one to make this for us. The salami I had on hand went great with the stuffed peppers and a glass of wine.

Warning: Hide the Cheetos while these are cooking. They smell so good, your mouth will water. In fact, stay out of the kitchen until these are done!


3 mini peppers, sliced in half to make six

4oz. goat cheese

1 tsp. dried basil


Mix goat cheese and dried basil in bowl and set aside.

Slice peppers in half, leaving stem on and take out seeds and veins.

Fill pepper halves with goat cheese mixture.

Bake in oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

(Okay, so I added another pepper after I took the picture. They are sooooo good!)

Enjoy with a glass of wine and a friend!


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