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About Us

Meet Pam and Mark.

▪ Married for 21 years
▪ Parents of a teenager, two preteens and two black Labs
▪ She loves white wine, while he prefers red
▪ Her day job as a business owner, freelance writer and blogger and his day job as a sales director and girls softball coach piles a lot on their plates
▪ Cooking and sharing a glass of wine allows them to slow down and enjoy the life they have created together.

A word from Pam:
The best gift I ever got my husband was a gas grill. For the first couple of years of our marriage, he never cooked, but having the grill made cooking “manly”. Now we take turns shopping and cooking. We enjoy trying new recipes and perfecting the old ones. While some of our meals take hours to cook, we also look for fresh and easy meals that we can make on the nights that our kids have activities.

In addition to cooking, I enjoy writing and photography. I started this blog as a way to do all three.

Thanks for stopping by. If you try any of our recipes, please let me know what you thought of it. Comments are always welcome. If you liked a recipe, please tell your friends. There is always room for more at the table!



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